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Questions That Need Answers!

What exactly makes soap vegan?
A: When we refer to our soap as vegan, we are referring to the source of the ingredients we use in them. They are all plant based. Most soaps are made with other forms of fat, but we use solely plant-based oils such as, coconut, olive, shea butter, and castor oil. Any additional ingredients we use are also plant based as well, except for our oatmeal and honey soap bar. This bar is the exception, due to the honey being sourced from bees.
Are they safe for use on sensitive skin?
A: Yes! We encourage individuals with sensitive skin to use our products! Our emphasis on plant-based skin care is to show the benefits that nature really does have on the skin. Our soaps contain at most, 15 ingredients and not only are these ingredients minimal, but they contribute to the various properties of each soap bar. Many of them we are familiar with, because we consume them! A great example is our Raw Carrot & Citrus bar, which is made with organic fresh pressed carrot juice, turmeric, and coconut milk, which all serve great benefits to the skin both when consumed and regularly applied topically to the skin!
 Can I use your soap on my infant?
 A: Yes, however please be mindful that babies are all hypersensitive to essential oils. We use high quality product, but this does not mean that they are all fit for young children. Our recommendation is the Oat & Honey soap bar, as we know oatmeal is very baby friendly and offers great soothing properties for irritated skin. Common conditions such as cradle cap, diaper rash, eczema, and heat rash may all be relieved by regular use of this soap bar while ensuring baby’s skin is healthy and properly nourished.
 Do you use fragrance oils or artificial scents in your soaps?
 A: No, we use solely essential oils in our products. This may explain the price point of our soaps. We pride ourselves on the use of high quality essential oils, to not only contribute to the quality of the soaps but the therapeutic benefits the essential oils also provide. Often, artificial fragrances and perfumes are added to health and beauty products, and though they may smell amazing, they are many times the reason we have minor skin irritations that may be hard to identify the source.
 Do you make custom soaps?
 A: Yes! We are always excited to produce custom product for a customer! If you have skin concerns and would like to consult on a custom bar to help treat your troubled skin, please feel free to contact us! We also accept bulk orders and custom projects for event favors, sponsorships and more. Please complete and submit your inquiry form and you will hear back from us at our earliest convenience.
 Are these soaps handmade or bought and resold?
 A: Our owner and founder, Jah, still makes every single batch of soap herself! As we continue to grow, we will certainly have to expand the team, but the soaps will always remain handmade from scratch with our own recipes!
 Are these soaps hypoallergenic?
 A: There are no ingredients or chemicals to cause an allergic reaction outside of general allergies. For example, if you knowingly are allergic to tea tree oil, then you should not use a soap bar that contains that essential oil due to the risk of having an allergic reaction.
 How long do orders take to ship?
 A: We usually take 2-3 days to fulfill the order and ship it. Then it typically takes 2-5 days domestic, and 10-14 days for international shipping.
Will your soaps fix the problems I have with my skin?
A: We do not claim to cure or fix any skin conditions or irritations. However, we use ingredients proven to aid in relief and in some cases dissolving skin conditions and irritants all together. We encourage regular use of our soap bars for best results. In any capacity, the use of an all natural soap bar will promote all around healthier skin.