Jah's Mission

Soaps By Jah was founded in 2017, by me, Jahsmin Bowen. Who, you should know, was slinging drinks behind a bar and pursuing a degree at the time, that ultimately went to no use. This being said, my true inspiration stemmed from the household I grew up in. Being born in America, of Caribbean descent, I believe it is safe to say that I had the best of both worlds. Holistic medicine was practiced regularly and often preferred, so I am quite passionate about utilizing what nature has provided for us as much as we can. Ultimately, our mission for Soaps By Jah is to continue to educate the masses on the importance of sustainable sanitation to aid in maintaining positive skin health, through the use of eco friendly, handmade goods. Thanking you all in advance for the continued support! 
One Love,
- Jah