African Black Soap Wash

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This liquid magic is inspired by the traditional African Black Soap, which has earned a very well deserved reputation for clearing up oily, acne prone, problematic skin, and clearing up dark spots and it is extremely effective!

However, it is also known to leave the skin feeling very dry. We have taken the time to find a place of balance! This body wash is suitable for the entire body from scalp to sole. Enjoy infusions of added moisturizers for an effective yet nourishing cleansing experience all over!

Finish with one of our exfoliant scrubs + hemp body soufflés!




palm kernel oil, coconut oil, stearin oil, shea butter, cocoa pod husk, plantain skin ash, aloe vera, vegetable glycerin, argan oil, vitamin e, salt, colloidal oatmeal, distilled water, honey, essential oils